Office of the Will County Public Defender
Joliet, IL
Criminal Division
58 E. Clinton, Suite 210
Joliet, IL 60432
Ph: (815) 727-8666
Juvenile Division
3202 W. McDonough Street
Joliet, IL 60431
Ph: (815) 730-7090


A client can speak with his/her attorney both prior to and immediately following his/her case being called on the day of court.  Please be advised that he/she is not the only client that the Assistant Public Defender is handling, so time may be limited.  The best way to ensure that ample time is available to discuss his/her case is to call or stop in to the office and schedule an appointment.  The client needs to speak with his/her attorney directly to schedule a date.  The secretaries do not schedule appointments for them.  If his/her attorney is unavailable, please leave a message so they may make arrangements to meet with him/her.