Office of the Will County Public Defender
Joliet, IL
Criminal Division
58 E. Clinton, Suite 210
Joliet, IL 60432
Ph: (815) 727-8666
Juvenile Division
3202 W. McDonough Street
Joliet, IL 60431
Ph: (815) 730-7090

Working With A Public Def.

If a person is deemed to be indigent by the Court, meaning that the Defendant cannot afford to hire an attorney to represent themselves on criminal charges, an Assistant Public Defender is then appointed. 


It is imperative that the client makes a good impression on the Court.  Be polite.  Dress appropriately, as though you were going to a job interview or to religious services.  What kind of impression a client puts forward is indicative of what type of witness he/she will be on the stand.  Appearances do matter in Court.  Do not wear any revealing clothes, excessive jewelry, hats, etc.


Respect the Court.  Do not attend your court date drunk or high.  The Judge may request that the client be given a Breathalyzer or a urine test.  Know that if he/she fails these, that he/she may be taken into custody.  If a client is on prescription medication, bring a copy of that to court if the medication will interfere with the test results.  Please be advised that electronic devices, such as camera phones, cameras, video recorders, etc., are prohibited from the Courthouse.  Do not bring these items to Court.  Remember to leave them at home or in a vehicle.


Be prepared.  The client can greatly assist in his/her own defense by providing his/her attorney with the names and contact information for any witnesses.  Do not be offended if the attorney will not speak with them – that is the Investigator’s job.  Let the attorney know why he/she feels an Investigator should go speak with these individuals.  Also, truthfully answer any questions asked by the attorney.  They need to know both sides of the story to decide how to proceed on a case.